#1 Innovation – Introduction

Talk of innovation can have a lot of buzz and mystique. The most important things are: Grasp its core meanings Make sure we each have the necessary skills and knowledge to play our role. Here is a definition: Innovation is executing a new idea to create value. There are three parts: Executing…:┬áHaving a bright idea […]

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#3 Innovation – What you need to know.

Innovation is an active and collaborative process. It often takes place in loosely-organised groups of businesses who gather to do a project, usually communicating using web tools. ┬áMuch of the progress made, (with consequent innovations) happens when specialists from different businesses attempt to solve problems they find when they try to create a product from […]

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#2 Innovation – Building Blocks

    Human needs & aspirations, jostling competition and a problematic world have plagued individuals for a long time. The potential for global insights delivered alongside a world responsive to our uniqueness are new features, recently enabled by the Internet. It is a cruel irony that the machines that we looked forward to in the […]

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